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Visionary Technology

Robin had an early desire to 'design Starships' (courtesy of "Lost in Space" and then "Star Trek"). Unfortunately there weren't any college level courses for designing that sort of advanced technology. In fact, science is only now catching up to the possibilities of those earlier 'Science Fiction' Visions. 
That desire moved on to 'real world applications' of designing Buildings instead -- Architecture. And then, much later, Robin then moved on to creating Visionary Technology.

This Section will be (by necessity) very vague on Details as all of these Projects are still in preliminary Design Stages. Once Funding is started and the Patent Process begins in earnest, more details will be released.


Project # 1: An Ocean-based Desalinization
and Multiple Alternative Energy Generation system.

This piece of Visionary Technology grew out of the conditions of the California Drought -- a situation that is still unfortunately continuing due to Climate Change and its consequences.

The Intent of the Design is a Simple set of passive applications of Alternative Technology. It is meant to be the inexpensive (and very scalable) alternative to the massively money- and energy-hungry football stadium-sized Desalinization Systems (Reverse Osmosis) that are unfortunately still being build. Monstrosities which eat both land and resources, the Water which comes from these (like Nuclear Power) is never as "Cheap" as promised.

This System would not only desalinate Water, but would also provide a positive balance of energy from its Alternative-based Component Systems.

For Further Information and Particulars on All of these Projects and more, please contact Robin.


Project # 2: A Sub-Orbital Alternative to
Coast to Coast and Trans-Pacific/Atlantic travel.

Since this piece of Visionary Technology came to Robin, there has been a Race to make this sort of Travel Available (if not very Affordable). 

The Promise that was The Concorde (back in the 1980's), has remained the 'Holy Grail' of World Travel ever since. Robin's Alternative was born of witnessing the Arrival by 747 of the Space Shuttle in Los Angeles a few years ago. Present for the crawling travel from LAX to the new USC Museum, a solution to a long-brewing scenario came about. 

This Project is only in the Planning and Design Stage at this point. Waiting for Project #1 to reach the R&D level.

And 'lastly...'

Female Swimmer

Project # 3: Robin's Vision of an "Unsinkable Boat.

Part of Robin's Visionary process is the idea of integrating older technologies into a Synergistic New "Sum" of their Total. This is one such project.

The idea came from (of course) the movie "The Perfect Storm." What could he do to prevent such a catastrophe from happening on the high seas? The answer was This Design. A Boat capable of surviving a Force Five Gale Force Storm. 

More to come on This One, too!


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