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From Drawings as a Child to a variety of Media (drawing to Multi-Media to Sculpture to...) in the Present, Robin has always experimented with new ways of Seeing and working with the Images that he sees.  He has taken the Old Masters Crosshatch Style to build up images with layers of colored lines, to build up the Image. 

II - 40 Connecticut Under copy.JPG

Beginning his craft drawing very monochromatically, he soon 'graduated' into Color. After discovering the medium of China Markers (wax pencils that unwrap with a string), he found his Medium.  Going back and forth between China Markers on board and as part of Multi-media, his Images are unique. Using the Old Masters Style, he has created truly Modern Images and subject matters.

His various Series run from Night Scenes in the City, courtesy of the various modern colors of Street Lamps... To his Cloud Series -- Clouds as Landscape, very seldom (until recently) employing ground reference.


All Images ©2021 Robin Chappell/Faramir Arts.     All Rights Reserved

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Other Series include Images formed from the ideas and scientific concepts of Quantum Mechanics. He has also worked with Sculpture, although that has taken a 'back seat' to the Drawing Series.


He also began a series of drawing on Masks (see below). These are homages to the artist Huntervasser, with the idea that we have a world in our Heads. These Masks turn that world outside in. 

His (more fuller) Work can be seen on his website

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