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From his early interest in Architecture and Alternative Energy Technology, Robin has gone from simple single family home designs (like the one he designed for himself in 1976 to the right), to what have been called "Mega-Structures."


One of Robins early influences (besides Science Fiction) was the Visionary Italian Architect, Paolo Soleri. Soleri coined the term "Archology" for his mega-structure designs. It included the idea of saving the Ecology, by building Up and not Out, where Everything that we might need would be in one monolithic Structure. The idea of Suburbia was anathema to Soleri.


TerraSet I -- North Elevation


TerraSet I -- South Elevation

Robin was also influenced by FrankLloyd Wright. The Ideal of blending the structure into the environment surrounding it (as evidenced in his "Falling Water" house in Pennsylvania. 

Robin incorporated both of these ideas into his designs, with the idea that they would be not only energy efficient, but also designed to utilize alternative solar, wind and even hydro-electric generation. And, be as fully 'off the grid' as possible.

His love of the Lord of the Rings Trilogy, also led to these homes being either partially or totally earth-bermed -- meaning submerged under a layer of grass sod and protective plastic layering. This would insure a level ambient temperature, both winter and summer.


And then there's the Visionary part of our program.

Robin has been designing architecture since the early 1970's. His HS Junior  year Science Fair Project was taking the ideas of Soleri... and Placing them Underground. Maximizing the usage of the Land Above and leaving it about as pristine as possible. Utilizing Solar panels where not interfering with the Ecology.

This was struck down with a question about earthquakes. (Solved the next year with a new form of solid lubricant and building the City in hexagonal Cylinders that would act as Pistons in the event of a Quake.

The Structure to the right, is the View of his 9/11 Twin Towers proposal (not submitted, due to its requirement for 10 millions square feet of feasible office space). The Complex would have had three 'Towers' for

HobbitSet 3 copy.jpg
HobbitSet 5.jpg
MountainSet 2 -- Front Elevation:Aerial.

the office space, and a Central Steel and Glass 'Tower' rising above a Memorial below it: a Labyrinth, with a tree planted for each of those who Died that day. Obviously not in the Plans for what was finally Built.

Further Designs with be forthcoming in a Book of his Designs later this year. (Available through Illuminousity Press.)

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