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(Robert) Robin Chappell 'only' has a sole two-year Associates Degree double-majored in Art and English, but he has been a lifelong Student, studying in The Arts, Technology, History, Politics as well as Comparative Religion. This has informed his outlook and his brand ranging and diverse interests.


Although he was 'discouraged' by a HS 'guidance councilor' to not pursue a career in Architecture, he nonetheless has continued to Design up till the Present. His interest in Technology, especially in the realm of Alternative Tech, informed his design direction and his Technology Designs that have been included here.


Robin Chappell is a Creative Force to be reckoned with, and he 'highly encourages you' to become an 'Early Adopter' by recognizing this in this Website. More full Press Packets with other particulars are Available Upon Request.  

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Full Media Kits are Available Upon Demand.

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