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Writing and
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Having started out writing his first short story at the age of seven, Robin has since 'added' to that 'original work.' His Work ranges from the Short Stories that comprise his first Collection -- "Dreams, Desires, And Dead Ends" -- and will continue through Novels, Novellas, and Screenplays -- both in process and yet to come. 


Dreams Cover (only).tiff

"Dreams..." is his first collection of work, with themes ranging from Gritty Realism to Magical Realism with some Romantic Drama and Flash Fiction. "Dreams" is available in eBook and Paperback at 

Two other Collections will follow over the next two years, one with several Novellas and short stories, and another with only Novellas. Both of these will be Science Fiction and Magical Realism.

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"Nothing Personal" is Robin's first Novel (adapted from his screenplay of the same name). This is the first of six novels which will be release over the next three to four years, with his next novel, "shadows and LIGHT" which will be available October 21st.

"It's about Romance... It's about Sex... It's about Politics... It's... Nothing Personal."

"Nothing Personal" is a tale of longing for what the two protagonists are finding missing from their lives -- Love.

In order to find that love, he resorts to a "personals ad" to which she responds (coaxed by her best friend and confidant).

In the time of the Clinton/Lewinsky scandal, Angela and Gabe both have the same goals -- an Affair. As Angela tells Gabe on first meeting, "This is just about sex. Nothing personal." but what they don't expect happens... love.

But Nothing Personal
is not just about the romantic journey of two lost souls, but it's also about power and gender, set against the backdrop of the Nations Capital. It even has a... "Secret Undisclosed Location."

Available on Amazon currently at


Robins other Works include:

-- Seven Feature Screenplays and
       Seven Short Scripts
-- Six Novels (from the above Scripts) to be Released 
      over the next three to four years.

-- The Pilot and Bible (document laying out the whole Series) for his first (intended for Streaming) "TV" Series  

And is said in the Film and TV Industry, about seventy more Projects in "
various stages of development."
You can keep in touch with the Upcoming Titles and Release Dates by going to or by signing up for his monthly Newsletter below!

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