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To See, or Not To See...

Updated: Jul 3, 2021

That's all in the PR. (You see?)

O, Say can You See...

Part of doing the whole One Man Band thing, is that. Well, you end up doing everything yourself.

I've spent the last two weeks working on slogging through the act of sending out PR Releases for my Umbrella Company, 21st Century daVinci, as well as this Company. I haven't managed to get a lot of them out.

Why? In part because of doubts as to the What and the How to include, and how to approach Those in the Media that I'm hoping will eventually take notice of me. There are Professional ways to do this... And Unprofessional. And as usual, there are many 'Opinions' on What to Include. (How much. Make it "Press Worthy" and not so much like the Ad that they are. Etc. Etc...)

In order to get the Word out on my various Ventures and get them interested enough to start Looking, it's like the Prince and the Pea. Or Alice in Pressland. Or...

Shouting without shouting. Getting All of You to "keep Coming back."

I am going to be doing this once a month from now on, if I can manage to get it done now. It not only takes Throwing my Releases out there, but also Finding Where to 'Throw' them. It has meant compiling my Press List, and making it as thorough as I can, to 'Throw' my Missives out "Wide" enough and with consistency for them to have an eventual Impact, and... Voila!

I won't have to work so hard at it next time. Next Time, I'll be automating It. Using what's called a CRM (emailing system). That way, I do one Upload, and out they go.

But Starting is always the Hardest Part. The casting aside of doubts. The eventual "automation" of the Process.

So I can go on to things like... Oh, shall we say, Writing. And the Next Hard Part -- Editing.

Work! Work! Work! Like Rosanne de Rosanna Dana once said, "It's Always somethin'!"

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