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The Many Aspects of Leonardo

He truly upstarted the Renaissance

I'm sure that You are aware that Leonardo daVinci was an Artist, an Architect and a Visionary Designer... But I was watching one of those YouTube videos on IQ and Genius this week, and I learned he was even more influential than I had previously known.

Chemistry, Geology, Geometry. Those were among the hard physical sciences that he helped jumpstart or add greatly to.

Civil Engineering. Well that goes hand in hand with his architecture. Mechanical Engineering. Much the same.

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And then...

Hydrodynamics. Zoology. Optical Physics. Pyrotechnics.

And of course, being the Visionary, he envisioned the Parachute. The Helicopter. And of course, the Armored Vehicle (that we would come to know as The Tank). He was even working on a prototype for a 'Submarine!'

These are what were behind the Patronage of the Duke of Milan. Not Art (although that was part of his Patronage of course). Patrons wish tone Known for their patronage of Genius.'


It's lucky for us that Leonardo was born when he was, and not a hundred years earlier. The Church no longer had as much of a stranglehold on Society as it had in Leonardo's recent past. In The Trials and Persecutions of Galileo, Copernicus and the Execution of Giordano Bruno, perhaps Leonardo would not have escaped.

Born at the Right Time, and forwarding the knowledge of science in such grand terms, he would not have been allowed to thrive as he did earlier.

His innate curiosity and drive to find the cause of everything, sent him in directions that now one else had ever thought of.

According to this Video, while his IQ was deemed to be very High, his was not the Highest per the current detectors of such Levels. But I would displace their findings with the Originality of Leonardo's findings and explorations.

In many ways, Leonardo and his Creativity and Vision, pave the way for our Modern World. And that should not be diminished in any way.

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Unknown member
Jul 03, 2021

He was a visionary in so many diverse areas, similar to your work in diverse areas. Most humans learn to do one thing well and focus on that field. It’s rare to find people like DaVinci — present company (you) included😊.

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