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More Plans to Save the Planet

Updated: Jun 10, 2023

Visionary Tech that may or may not be (part of) The Answer

I have a number of projects in the very ‘raw’ ‘developmental’ stages of which I am developing the concepts for. I have heard of some of these in similar but not quite the same forms, and even though I hesitate to put them out in public before being protected, I’m willing to let some of them go if Someone Else (with Money) wants to take them on.

If they want to actually develop them and help Save the Planet that is. Unfortunately, not many Billionaires these days seem intent on ‘saving’ anything, except All the Money They Can Make.

Meet the SkyScrapers™

The first of these projects are what I call “SkyScrapers™.” No, not more ‘buildings scraping the skies’ (as if we need any more of those). But a fleet of Dirigibles (aka Blimps) which would ‘scrape the sky’ of pollutants instead.

We are living in an age where microfibres and graphene (single molecular carbon sheeting) have been developed in recent years to filter pollutants at the micro-level. Advanced filtration systems are coming online that can do amazing things with cleanup of hazardous conditions, and my schemes are set to be using these.

The general idea is that these “SkyScrapers™” would fly through highly polluted airspace's over our cities (and especially those in China), scooping in the polluted air at one end, and processing it through filtering by way of the onboard filters, and then releasing a cleaned-up more oxygenated air at the rear. Hopefully, with enough of these filling the skies, even the skies of Beijing might be cleaned up.

Of course, the Industries and cars that created this ‘soup’ of pollution conditions will need to be done away with. I think even the Chinese Government is more than aware of this by now, and is taking active measures towards these aims.

And Then There’s —

The next bit of Revised Tech would be what I call “Re-Purpose Ships™.” Taking what should be obsolete Whaling Ships and refitting them into Plastic gathering vessels to begin to ‘attach’ the Plastic Gyres that have collected in the various Oceans.

This has grown into being a rather Monstrous threat to both sea life as well as human life. This is an Issue that needs to be dealt with and dealt with now. The state of the Oceans being able to support Life as well as generate oxygen is at stake. And this is not a ‘do in a couple of decades’ item, either.

Instead of Whales being harpooned and dragged into these ships to be slaughtered and cut up for their meat (which I consider to be Murder, since Whales and other Mammals are sentient beings), these ships would ‘harvest’ all of the plastic in the gyres, collecting and sorting them by their molecular signatures into appropriate bins. The next step would be ‘trash compacting’ and fusing them (low temperature melting them) into reusable cubes for recycling on shore.

Last but not least

And lastly (although similar in nature to the above technologies), are what I’m calling the “UnFill-Scrapers™.” These would be the Landfill equivalent of the Re-Purpose Ships… only ‘attacking’ Landfills and seeking to clean them up.

We have long not been able to deal with the enormous amount of waste products that our society produces. The ‘easy’ solution in the past has been hauling all of this waste to the various Landfills that blight our countryside and leach all sorts of toxicity into the groundwater that we now need to clean up so desperately need.

Along with general waste, has also been electronic waste in large volumes — Electronic Waste which has the highest levels of toxic chemicals used in their construction. Heavy metals and, once again, Plastic!

We are at the point where we can no longer continue (indeed have not been able to continue) to ‘throw away’ all of this waste.

The biggest ‘complaint’ (Excuse, actually) about the idea of “Going Green” that the Critics blast us with is, “It pollutes just as much to keep digging up the metals used in Electric Batteries as it does to run Cars on gas.”

This argument should not even be in the debate at this point. We’re at the point where we have ‘mucked’ up the planet enough with air pollution along with all of the spills and general toxicity of what it takes to “make oil products,” that the very health of the planet is endangered. The excretory company ExxonMobil which has known about these Issues since the 1970s, has created many “anti-“ campaigns over the years to ‘keep the oil flowing” (and keep their obscene profits flowing as well).

Never mind the consequences.

We’re at the point of no return.

It’s no longer an ‘argument’ that can be reasonably and logically made. We have to transition to more cleaner forms of transportation and shipping, or we’re At the End. It’s no longer acceptable, (no matter the Tens of Millions of Dollars these Vested Interests will spend throwing ”Greenwashing” at the public to CON them).

It is only the most un-educated and Money-motivated of this society that still believes that We as a Planet can keep on going the way we have. We are Killing Ourselves in short order and not in decades-long increments. A revamping of the way our society handles Waste and Pollution has become a necessity and is most definitely not a ‘luxury.’

We are literally at the “Clean UP or Die” phase of the Planet. It’s time for those with the Billions of Dollars of resources to Step Up and Stop wasting ‘Their’ Money on frivolity and Excess (and the buying of Votes to CONtinue this Excess).

It’s no wonder why Elon Musk and the other Billionaires are so ‘eager’ to get off this planet. The Planet is Dying, and not in some hazy ‘future.’ This Dying is Now, and must be addressed Now.

To quote The Terminator, “If you vant to live, come mit me.” Denial is No Longer an Option.

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Jan Stinson
Jan Stinson
Jun 18, 2022

Good ideas. There are small projects already underway to reduce the plastic gyres in the oceans, but, being small, they'll likely never complete their missions in timely enough fashions to make fast enough impact on ocean health. Airborne filtration systems would have to fit into air traffic systems , but that can be done. I heard somewhere that only 9% of the recyclable materials are actually recycled (I may have that garbled), so a big push in that area would certainly help. By far, I think the biggest impact humans could make on climate change besides transitioning to sustainable power sources is to mass transport systems expansion. There's way too little of it.

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