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Welcome to the Future!

Updated: Jul 30, 2021

Are We there Yet?

Isn't that what they used to say back in the 1950's? (I mean, The Future!) Back in the Days of Yesterday, when (by now) we were All going to have Flying Cars! And Jetpacks (Well, they're almost here -- for those that can afford one). And Self Driving Cars. (Yes. The Rush Is On!) And of course, Pocket Communicators...

What was once considered "Science Fiction," now fits in the palm of our Hands, (and takes up most of our time.) Between cell phones ("Kirk to Enterprise.") and computers on our desks... (You can even Speak to your Computer, and they'll answer you back. I don't. But you can.)

Tourist Trips to the Moon! [Enter "2001: a Space Odyssey"] Tourist Hotels in Space! (Not quite yet.)

Rockets to Mars! (And Self Driving Cars.) [Enter Elon Musk] Check. Check. And Coming Soon. To a Driveway near You!

Well, here We Are.

Some People are Visionaries. They See (and work to make real) what others can barely even Dream about.

And then, there was... Nikola Tesla.

He almost literally 'created' our current Modern World. From his perch back in the Year 1925. "Automobiles" were barely a Reality, and Tesla was dreaming of Wireless Energy and Communications. He even thought of the 'handheld communicator' that we now know of as the Cell Phone. Back in 1925. He also envisioned Television, long before That became a Reality.

And then (of course) there was Gene Roddenberry. He Dreamed of the Future; a Future in which Space Travel ("Going Where No One has Gone Before.") was an every day occurrence. And where there actually was no separation between the Races. Humanity had finally Grown Up. (For the most part.)

That Vision is what became "Star Trek." Instead of Rocket Ships and barely moving at the power of chemical combustion, he dreamt of Faster than Light Travel. Warp Drive. In 1962. He may not have conceived of it, but he brought it into our popular Awareness.

We're only now coming up to that level of Science whereby FTL Drives are a Real Possibility. Science is finally Catching Up to Genius. Yet Again.

Leonardo daVinci was also such a One

He saw the future and set about to design it. Tanks. Submarines. (Well, personal diving vessels.) And of course, Flying Machines. In the 16th Century. Long before Science was even born (at least in Europe), He Set the Stage for the era of Medical Sciences with his exploration of the Human Body. Modeling Bodies as they are in real space.

And he continued Exploring and Creating, up until his death.

So Where is the Age of Genius now?

Since the 1960's, Science has been catching up with the Genius' who came before.

But it's Time for a New Age of Genius. There are some adults in that category. There are 'children' that are also coming up with "genius" level Inventions and Solutions to our Problems. That is not a 'desire' any more, but a requirement. Genius Ideas need only to be allowed, but also Financed. And Well Financed. Our very Lives are at stake.

The Rise of the 21st Century daVinci

And so, that's where I come in.

I have been working on various Projects and Designs of what I call a Visionary Nature, for over 40 years now. Since High School, I have been interested/invested in, all things Technology and Architecture. Especially All Things "Alternative" Energy. Concepts of Space Travel. Quantum Mechanics and the increasingly 'complex' Views of what this Thing called reality actually Is.

Like Leonardo, I have explored Art, Architecture, and 'fanciful things' that are Now being taken as accepted concepts. Green Architecture is no longer Fringe Design. Alternative Energy has, by necessity, become an integral part of Our Lives.

And at the Age where Most are Retiring... I'm just getting Started. (Well, I'm finally getting Projects and Creative Directions out into the World.) I have sacrificed most of my life being free of 'required' luxuries and necessities, to be available for doing the Creative Work that called to me.

And in the coming months and years, I will be letting you know just 'what I've done with my life.' I've had that question asked so many times, and I've hesitated to tell the Answer to All Of That. Hesitant to tell others exactly What I've been working on. No More.

So this is the Rise of the Twenty-first Century daVinci. I am no longer willing to be in the shadows of being 'humble' and Not tell everyone exactly What I've Been Working On. The time for me living in 'the shadows' of Obscurity are past, and it's taken a lot of work, and Fear of Missing Up [sic].

Life isn't Over until It's Over. The way to avoid all the sling and arrows of outrageous aging, is to keep your Mind motivated. Keep it Active. Keep it Child-Like, instead of descending into the Childish.

To misquote an ad for alcohol of recent years, "Stay Curious, My Friends." Mental Decline is not a requirement of 'Old Age.' "Be Ye as little Children..." we were admonished many years ago.

And it's Time. More to Come.

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