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— The Mission Statement —


"To Creatively address the Human Condition, and to Promote and 

help foster Creativity as a Way of Life. Not as “just a hobby,” 

but as an Active Solution to the  Current Crises of the World.


    "To Promote the Idea that Creativity is the base

      State of Our Existence... it is Not an ‘Add-on."’

robert-chappell copy.jpg

    Like Leonardo before him, Robin Chappell is both endlessly Curious and        (almost) endlessly Inventive. Leonardo daVinci both defined and created the

ideal of the Renaissance Man — in Architecture, Art, and laying the ground

work for Modern Medicine with his explorations of Anatomy. He also Designed Weapons of War for Il Duco de Medici.

Robin Chappell is a Child of the 1960’s… and the 21st Century. As with Leonardo though, Robin was ahead of his time. In an Age where Science Fiction was quickly becoming Everyday Reality, his Visionary designs conceived of in the 1970’s have become ‘Standard Visionary Material’ of the 2020’s.


But now, Robin Chappell is stepping into his own. 


With his Art, Architecture, Writing (Short Stories to Novels to Screenplays and

(soon to be) TV Series and Visionary Technical Design, Robin takes the Vision of Leonardo and brings it into the 21st Century!




Visionary Tech

Art     Faramir Arts

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